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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

...and here's the completed painting: BIG Silver Spoons with "K" Engraving predominantly featuring the Lily and Orange Blossom patterns

BIG Silver Spoons with "K" Engraving
16x12 inches / oil on panel
Century old silver spoons predominantly feature "Lily" and "Orange Blossom".  While my Lily spoon has a “B” engraved, my client requested “K” for their last name; I always love these personalized details in custom paintings.  There is a glare no matter how I tried to reduce the effects of the bright sunlight relfecting off the snow, plus it's a little blurry but you know me . . . I'm a patient painter but a very impatient photographer even handholding my camera . . . but you get the idea!   :o)  Oh, and a little postscript, that's me holding my camera and the large "Farmstand Peaches" painting in a gilt frame reflected within the bowls of the spoons.


Austin Painter said...

Amazing! This is just beautiful. It looks like you are a very patient painter.


Thank you SO much, Austin! It was great fun painting this one so large this time, particularly as it was much easier to incorporate the details than the original size of 5x7 inches. There's a point where the smaller one goes the more challenging it is...and I think I'm hooked on going BIG!

Ann-Marie said...

Gorgeous! You are so talented. Whenever I pop by and take a peek I am always so impressed. Take care.



Thank you SO much, Ann-Marie! I must say, since posting this painting, I've been receiving a lot of wonderful feedback (other venues) which tells me loud and clear that I'd better do more! :o) It really was fun and I'm so glad my client requested this size which I'd never have initiated otherwise. I'm hooked on BIG! The more detail and the more silver the better!

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