lemons fruit oil painting classical contemporary

Lemons in Cracked Porcelain Antique Oriental Bowl
5x5 inches oil on panel
While working on a commissioned painting of lemons in a classical arrangement, I found that I was particularly drawn to one corner of the painting, with it’s depth of shadows and reflective qualities on the bowl. Hence I decided to “lift” that corner and place it in a square format to contemporize it as illustrated here. A trademark characteristic of much of my work is an enhanced sense of time and age in my subjects such as this chipped antique porcelain bowl and dried, cut lemon.

little gems oil paintings cherries in white bowl classical still life fruit 8x10 in.

Branch of Cherries in White Bowl on Rustic Table
8x10 inches / oil
Rich contrasts define this otherwise simple bowl of brilliant red cherries. Of particular interest to me were the leaves with their raised veins and evidence of insects, as well as the always favored rustic wood table — all adding the trademark elements of age in my work.

Grandfather's Antique Gold Fob Watch still life oil painting

Grandfather's Antique Gold Fob Watch
4x4 inches oil on panel
This is my third painting of this subject, my grandfather’s gold fob watch. Each version has been uniquely different, this being my favorite thus far. As it was painted on a smooth panel versus canvas, I was afforded the opportunity to incorporate more detail than done previously. Features of particular interest to me were the sun touched gilding on the blue leather book and the reflected highlights and shadows just beneath the glass lens. During the various stages of refinement within the details of the watch face, I found a tremendous respect for those artisans who actually hand paint clocks and watches. Such a daunting task, but perhaps I’ve achieved a respectable amount of detail to be worthy of your consideration.

capturing nature's transient beauty classical oi painting fruit cherries blue and white oriental bowl peaches

Cherries in Oriental Bowl with Peaches
11x14 inches / oil on canvas
capturing nature's transient beauty
classical oil painting fruit

green grapes blue and white transferware spode plate round wood box

Green Grapes on Spode Plate with Round Wood Box
4x4 inches / oil on panel
Derived from one of my larger paintings, this small cluster of grapes provided particular appeal in terms of its illumination. The quiet, muted color scheme and clean composition enhance the luminosity of the grapes, captured in the late afternoon sun through my studio window.

baseball oil painting realism sports memorabilia

 Baseball in the Spotlight
8x8 inches oil on panel
There is something we can all identify with when we see a baseball. It recalls memories of countless hours of fun as we played in the streets, the parks or the schoolyards.  It recalls the thrill of hearing the crack of the bat and feeling that impact as we made contact for the first time. It recalls the excitement of catching our first fly ball . . . of breaking in our first mitt. . . of the cheers from friends and family as we rounded the bases! So I celebrate those experiences here with a vintage baseball set in a much deserved place of honor, for the memories it recalls are priceless.

classical fruit oil painting shabby chic Old Bucket of Cherries on Farmhouse Table with Rusty Nails

Old Bucket of Cherries on Farmhouse Table with Rusty Nails
10x8 inches / oil on canvas

Knotted, Frayed Rope on Wood Block

 Knotted, Frayed Rope on Wood Block
Carved with the Italian Word Spago
10x8 inches / oil on panel

Cherries in Spode Blue Italian Transfewrware Bowl with Vase on Oriental Rug

 Cherries in Spode Blue Italian Transferware Bowl with Vase on Oriental Rug
14x18 inches / oil on canvas

classical oil painting overturned basket of apples in grass realism capturing nature's transient beauty

Overturned Apple Basket
20x16 inches / oil on canvas
This painting is reminiscent of an old world ambience and implies a romantic story of a languid day apple picking, perhaps laying in the long, cool grass while selecting those without bruises (which I always love to add to show transience in nature) and sampling the harvest.  With attempting to follow the trend away from classical realism toward contemporary realism, I'd abandoned so much of my work, this included, until Alex Perez requested a painting for his gallery's fall show. 
"Happy Autumn!"

realistic oil painting fruit apple little gems series 5x5 in.

"The Fateful Temptation"
5x5 inches / oil on panel
Oh to ponder . . . that the fate of all mankind rested upon such a humble temptation . . . .

Spode Blue Italian Teacup with Trio of Cherries Little Gems Oil Paintings

Spode Blue Italian Teacup with Trio of Cherries
4x4 inches / oil on panel

apples and lace red and golden delicious still life oil painting fruit

 "Apples 'n Lace"
12x24 inches / oil on canvas

 A delicate painting of red and golden Delicious apples arranged on a highly polished table.  The reflections within the surface add a lovely dimensional quality, all of which accentuate the gentle folds of a freshly pressed antique cotton tablecloth.  The hand embroidered cutwork lace with blue thread and embroidered netting edge are often found in antique linens. 

golden apples in bucket coutry rustic wood farmhouse oil painting

Freshly Harvested Autumn Gold Apples in Rustic Bucket with Flies and Dripping Juice
20x16 inches / oil on canvas panel

Capturing the essence of Autumn in the country, this earthy, muted painting of a rustic setting with cracked stucco walls, farmhouse pine table, and juicy samplings from this bucket of “gold” recalls many crisp, clear days while we snapped apples off the trees in a hurry to fill our baskets and buckets. Thoughts of anticipation for the fragrance of warm apple pies wafting through the air brings a sense of familiar comfort.

large classical oil painting fruit cherries baskets farmhouse table rustic

capturing nature's transient beauty
Cherry Harvest
24x36 inches / oil on canvas
This large, classical oil painting featuring an abundant gathering of luscious cherries in assorted baskets on a rustic farmhouse table is reminiscent of the old world masters.  This painting would look equally beautiful in a rustic frame or elegant Baroque gilt frame.

classical oil painting blue white oriental porcelain jar apples silk screen

Lady Apples with Oriental Porcelain Ginger Jar and Silk Screen with Black Birds
18x14 inches oil on canvas 

Queen Anne Cherries contemporary realism oil painting still life

Five Cherries with Reflections
5x7 oil on panel
Enhanced by a uniquely exciting approach to lighting my subject as well as the incorporation of a somewhat cooler background, a perfect foil was created for accentuating the naturally intense brilliance of these Queen Anne cherries.

new dawn rose in chubby little glass jar

 capturing nature's transient beauty
new dawn rose in chubby little glass jar
4x4 in. oil on panel
I just adore this chubby little mustard jar so much that when they began discontinuing it my father and I bought all we could find at the foodstore . . . and we ate a lot of mustard for a very long time!  They're just so adorable and perfect for a single delicate blossom such as this blushing New Dawn Rose clipped from my arbor.  Painted lifesize.

pink and white floral bouquet in canton ware vase still life

 capturing nature's transient beauty
Summer Bouquet
20x16 inches oil on canvas
Bees and butterflies hover around a bouquet of pink Oriental Lilies, pink Hollyhocks and white Annabelle Hydrangeas which fill this blue and white Canton ware vase along with an antique blue bird figurine, a bird's nest filled with two blue eggs, feathers and moss and two of my client's favorite books, one entitled Antiques and the other featuring seashells. 

soul and purpose pansies in mustard jar oil painting realism

 -- soul and purpose --
Through my work I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same.
 "Pansies in Mustard Jar"
10x8 inches / oil on panel

three little figs oil painting still life

Three Little Figs
5x7 inches / oil on panel
A slightly new colorway for me, but scrumptuously delicious. Second to earth tones, I adore the luscious, rich hues found in figs -- they have all my favorites from ochre to periwinkle to crimson and everything inbetween! I'm so enthralled with the color variations on the exterior, I can hardly contain myself to cut one open and paint that vibrantly dazzling interior of crimson seeds!

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