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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

The Apple Thief sneak peek of detail currently in progress on my easel & plans for the new year

Plans for the New Year
Here's a sneak peek showing a detail of another oil painting in progress.  I not only hope to begin finishing many of these larger classical paintings which got pushed to the back of my closet as commissions took precedence in the past decade of selling online, but this year I also plan to move onto my long awaited fresh, new florals.  Additionally, I'll be interspersing these with more of my "Little Gems" series paintings but with a new appearance, exclusively featuring nosegays of my favorite blossoms.  This is the third time in nearly 30 years that I'm changing the direction of this ever popular series.  Please join me as I continue my artistic journey...CAPTURING NATURE'S TRANSIENT BEAUTY.

custom oil portrait of a lady and gentleman

The Enduring Grace of Fine Portraiture
Custom Oil Portrait of Helen Marie Codori
24x18 inches / oil on canvas
This is the companion to a portrait I'd painted last year of Mr. Codori, shown below.
Custom Oil Portrait of Laurence Murray Codori
24x18 inches oil on canvas
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branch of lemons blossoms tied with string 8x8 still life oil painting

Hanging Branch of Lemons with Blossoms
8x8 inches / oil on panel
This is more of a botanical style composition with the lemon tree branch hanging from a thick cord or string.  When my client first requested a branch of lemons I imagined a longer format on an aqua blue peeled painted wood background and the branch hanging from a nail.  But the request was for an 8x8 with nothing else in the composition, so I opted for this slightly more botanical approach.

Christmas Card 2016

Wishing you a cozy holiday filled with warmth of family and friends. 
With special thanks to all my wonderful clients who have helped enrich my life through your continued support! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Christmas Card 2016


 Many of my larger, classical oil paintings have been stored away while commissions took precedence these past ten years.  Here's another in progress.

IN PROGRESS overturned apple basket oil painting classical fruit

Another in progress, I'd begun three versions of this oil painting many years ago and have temporarily misplaced this particular one which simply needs the tree and grass painted.  I also have two smaller versions in progress with a squirrel entitled "Apple Thief".

IN PROGRESS large classical oil painting fruit peaches farmstand basket blue white porcelain

Here's a more countrified version of a classical fruit oil painting in progress and a bit larger than some of the others.  Of particular delight here for me are the heirloom peaches, painted lifesize, and the punctuation of blue and white porcelain.  This painting is reminiscent of my "Farmstand Peaches" which hangs over my studio desk and is posted in this blog.

IN PROGRESS large classical bowl of cascaing blooms on shell carved chest

 Here is another of my oil paintings in progress featuring a billowy bouquet of blossoms cascading from a porcelain bowl set upon a shell carved block front chest.

IN PROGRESS large classical fruit oil painting wine bread urn

I designed this large fruit oil painting shown in progress, to appear as if browsing over a course of bread, fruit and wine.  I particularly like the classical concrete urn on the rustic table with oversized turned leg.  A glistening pomegranate will lead the eye to those lovely gold tinged purple plums and throughout the composition as all my classical paintings do, utilizing the "line of beauty" a.k.a. the Hogarth curve.

IN PROGRESS large fruit oil painting with bird

Here is another of my oil paintings in progress.  An American Goldfinch perches upon a bowl of peaches and branches of ripe cherries with what will likely be blue and white porcelain and an oriental screen backdrop. 


Here's a more fluid composition of parrot tulips, roses and hollyhocks in a rustic basket also in progress.  This oil painting has a great deal of energetic movement in the composition.  

Black Tulips with Peonies and Rose in Creamware Jar oil painting still life realism

Black Tulips with Peonies and Rose
20x16 inches / oil on canvas
This is a commission from many years ago but which I came across again in my thousands of image files.  It looked a tad bit clearer than the edited images previously it's always fun for people to see a painting actually on my easel.  The best part was when my client opened the box and urgently tried to brush the bee off the cloth before realizing it WAS the painting!  Following shows a detail which in itself looks like a nice composition for another painting.

IN PROGRESS large classical floral basket nest

Thought I'd begin posting some of my large, classical fruit and floral oil paintings in progress which have been stored in the back of my studio closet for ten years while commissions took precedence.  If any pique your interest, please contact me and I'll complete it for you!

Triptych Wallace Grand Baroque sterling silver flatware fork, knife spoon

 Triptych Wallace Grand Baroque
sterling silver flatware fork, knife spoon
For this commissioned triptych, I had size requirements and color matching to my client's wallpapers.  She requested this pattern but I opted for the more rare, antique version as the flowers on each utensil vary; whereas the newer, more readily available version is less refined and has only one blossom repeated on each piece.  Here you'll see daffodils on the fork, roses on the knife and forget-me-nots on the spoon.  For those who follow my work, you'll know that age is a characteristic I respect and always try to incorporate into my antiques are always better.

realism still life apple The Fateful Temptation 5x5 in. oil painting

"The Fateful Temptation"
5x5 inches / oil on panel
Oh to ponder . . . that the fate of all mankind rested upon such a humble temptation . . . .

some of my vintage antique baseball oil paintings realism still life

Here's a small sampling of the many baseball paintings I've created over the years.  Some have been commissioned paintings such as the bottom left for the MLB as a gift to Bud Selig.


On the rare occasion that a painting doesn't sell quickly, I may contemplate re-working it as is the case with the painting shown here.  I'm finishing up a few commissioned pet portraits then will get back to this as well as some long awaited new work.

strawberries with vines in white bowl oil painting 8x10 in.

 Strawberries and Runner Vines in White Lotus Bowl in Bright Sunshine on Wood Table
8x10 inches oil on canvas

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Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.

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