rare white robin blue willow teacup small still life oil painting 10x8 teatime fob watch ribbon pink english roses forget-me-nots lace tea caddy

capturing nature's transient beauty 
 White Robin on Blue Willow Teacup with Fob Watch, Roses and Lace
10x8 inches oil on panel
This is an unusually whimsical composition for me.  You'll note that I even set the fob watch to 4 O'clock teatime.  I may also be offering prints of this charming oil painting in the future so if you're interested, kindly contact me at jeanneillenye@sbcglobal.net

vintage antique silver spoon silverware flatware huge jumbo wall art decorating Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Silver Spoon Oil Painting Triptych 30x20 inches flatware center panel of triptych

Antique Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Silver Spoon
Triptych Right Panel
30x20 inches / oil on canvas
...and here's the spoon which features forget-me-nots.  As is typical for me when painting silver spoons, my reflection can be seen here with eyeglasses, wearing a green shirt and my hand up to the canvas where I'm actually painting it! This has become somewhat of a trademark with my silverware paintings.  I love adding these fun little details that beckon the viewer's closer inspection.  Next up...the fork.
 capturing nature's transient beauty 

Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Silver Knife Oil Painting Triptych 30x20 inches flatware center panel of triptych

 Wallace Grand Baroque Sterling Silver Knife
Triptych Center Panel
30x20 inches / oil on canvas
I've selected the antique version of these flatware pieces as they all feature a different flower, whereas the newly manufactured pieces are all the same less refined rose.  This antique knife features the roses and buttercups.  I love the soft color of the background as it has a suede like quality.  Keep checking back as I'll have the spoon and fork done soon.
 capturing nature's transient beauty 

small 11x14 classical still life old world fruit oil painting lemons pewter plate lace cloth oriental rug

Lemons on Pewter Plate
11x14 inches oil

Antique Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Grand Baroque oil painting in progress 30x60 inches triptych spoon handle shown

Antique Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Grand Baroque
Triptych oil painting in progress 30x60 inches overall 3 panels
spoon handle shown in progress
This is the antique version which features a different floral on each utensil, unlike the current day version which shows a less refined rose on all.  Anyone who follows my work knows I always prefer the antiques!

small 10x8 classical still life oil painting old world floral fruit dutch master style pink english roses, white lilies in glass jar, red admiral butterfly, branch of cherries

 10x8 inches / oil on canvas panel
 Rich tones and low lighting enhance this charming nosegay which recalls smaller works by the Dutch Masters. Browning leaves and a Red Admiral butterfly communicate the essence of age as life passes through time.

small 8x10 classical still life oil painting Pink English Roses in Spode Blue Italian Teacup pearls lace flowers blue and white porcelain tatting embroidered lace tablecloth bumble bee

English Roses in Spode Teacup
8x10 inches / oil on canvas
Thoughts of a leisurely afternoon come to mind with an antique embroidered, lace edged cloth, pearls cascading over a leather bound book, and fresh from the garden with dewdrops and honeybee are soft English roses gently tucked into a Spode Blue Italian teacup.

nest painting classical oil blue eggs leaf

Robin's Nest in the Shadows with Curled Oak Leaf
8x8 inches / oil on panel

The ever popular Robin's Nest filled with precious blue eggs is not only a harbinger of Spring, but it symbolizes hope and constancy in a world often wrought with stress and uncertainty.  Seeing a Robin's nest full of eggs reminds us that there is always hope for the future and that Mother Nature prevails.

pink tree peony little gems oil painting

capturing nature's transient beauty
Pink Tree Peony
4x4 inches oil on panel
Would also be fabulous HUGE!

early spring bird's nest oil painting blue eggs cracked egg feathers wild sand cherry pod little gems series

capturing nature's transient beauty
Nest with Moss, Feathers, Blue Cracked Egg, Wild Sand Cherry Seed Pod 
5x5 inches oil on panel
Little Gems Series

Bird's Nest with Moss and Blue Feathers Small Oil Painting Little Gems Series

capturing nature's transient beauty 
Nest with Moss and Blue Feathers
5x5 inches oil on panel
From my ever popular "Little Gems" series, this charming little nest fills our hearts with the hope of Spring, especially welcome after such a long, bitter cold Winter.  The Cardinals are always the first to sing and a few have begun proudly making their announcements that Spring is imminent.

baseball painting artist chosen by Official Major League Baseball Commission to create oil painting for Bud Selig's Retirement Gift custom sports still life art

Sports Still Life Artist Selected by MLB
  "Well Played"
5x5 inches / oil on panel
 I am honored to be the artist recently chosen by the OFFICIAL MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL COMMISSION to create a custom oil painting for Commissioner Bud Selig's corporate retirement gift.  The painting was created lifesize and aged to match the wear from a baseball actually in play during the game.  I enjoyed painting all the intricate details such as stretched holes from tightly pulled laces, dings, stains and most importantly, the official MLB logo and Bud Selig's signature "Allan H. Selig" on the ball in the painting.  I entitled the painting "Well Played" which just seemed so apropos in celebration of his long, successful term.  You'll see in the image shown above where I'm holding the actual baseball alongside the framed painting set on my easel, that the painting appears a little darker but it's just in shadow from the deep profile of the frame.  It was quite a thrill and an honor not only to be chosen as the MLB sports artist for such a monumental occasion, but also to actually have an official baseball in my hand which was directly from the field of play!  Imagine holding a baseball that was pitched across home plate and sunk into a glove at first base.  I think my husband, who is a huge baseball fan (NY Mets), was even more excited than I was!!
Copyrights sold to Major League Baseball Commission and posted with permission from MLB.

large classical oil painting still life white peonies pink roses butterflies bees yellow sevres vase fruit books fringed cloth delphiniums figs lemons grapes capturing nature's trnasient beauty through art

20 x 24 inches / oil on canvas
Presented above is an intensely elaborate commissioned oil painting with a garden theme related to California.  To oblige that request, I included numerous wildflowers, fruit and three different butterflies indicative of the region.  Also, I added grapes to symbolize a new venture when my client purchased a vineyard.  Her childhood favorite, Peonies, was also to be added being sure to include ants and dewdrops.  During our initial conversation, other favorite things became apparent such as a favorite shade of yellow, Sevres porcelain and antique books.  Here I chose a yellow Sevres vase depicting a romantic garden scene and gilt highlights as the foundation of the composition.  She also had a vintage goldleaf frame which contained another painting she wanted replaced, so I kept that shade of gold in mind as well as her decor and color scheme which were presented in photographs of her home.  With all these requests, I was particularly inspired and only wish the canvas was larger to accommodate my enthusiasm, hence the title, "Exuberance".

deep pink peonies bunnies on creamware vase ginger jar oil painting little gems

capturing nature's transient beauty 
Little Gems Series
Burgundy Pink Peonies with Creamware Bunnies
5x5 inches / oil on panel

Fresh White Peonies in Edwardian Silver Teapot with Antique Lace capturing nature's transient beauty

  Fresh White Peonies in Edwardian Silver Teapot with Antique Lace
12x12 inches / oil on panel
These billowy blossoms from my spring garden depict my attitude as the new year arrives with fresh, new beginnings such as the purity of white, yet still treasuring the past as shown with my antiques.  I especially love how the highlights seem to vanish into the background on the cover and bone finial, the edges of the peonies and even the side of the worn, wooden box. The  mauve pink and lavender blue reflections within the engraved, ridged surface of the teapot and inside the smooth, satin feel of the handle were such fun to paint.  Of course the lace is almost my favorite with the edges silhouetted against the pure white background on one side and slightly ruffled and reflected in the dinged wood box.  I love all the subjects in this light infused arrangement.

Hershey's Kisses Valentine's Day oil painting still life little gems series

rainbow kisses
4x4 inches oil on panel

on my easel oil paintings of teacups in progress little gems still life

capturing nature's transient beauty 
"Lavender Tea and Roses" Featuring a Rare Lavender Teacup with Butter Yellow Roses 5x5 in. oil on panel
"Four O'clock Teatime" Featuring Turquoise Aqua Blue Foley Teacup with Scone and Book 8x8 in. oil on panel 
Both paintings will be finished within the next two weeks or so, but if you wish to purchase in advance just email me at jeanneillenye@sbcglobal.net
Note the painting "Pansies and Lace" in the shadows alongside which can be viewed in the previous post.

Pansies in Glass Jar with Crocheted Lace contemporary realism still life oil painting purple violet white

 capturing nature's transient beauty 
Pansies and Crocheted Lace
5x5 inches / oil on panel
I recall as a child, accompanying my mother to the plant nursery where she told me to search for the pansies that had "faces".  So even today I still refer to Pansies as the smiling faces of Spring.  They are a personal favorite to paint not only for this reason, but also for the wonderfully translucent qualities as the light shines through the petals such as shown on the flower on the left.  Note how that deep, rich purple fades on the backside where the creases of the petals shine through.

OREOs Double Stuf contemporary realism oil painting still life

OREO:  Double Stuf
5x5 inches / oil on panel
We baby boomers have been enjoying what many term the “retro” look of things, and oil paintings are no exception. Here I’ve focused all my attention on studying the details of this childhood favorite. Even after a lifetime of dunking and twisting off the tops of these treats, I never noticed until now, that they are impressed with the OREO logo as well as the words “Double Stuf” so I’ve included all those details, even shadows behind the crumbs, which make realism painting such fun!

classical still life oil painting floral Peonies and Black Tulips with Rose in Figural Creamware Vase Jar with Deer

capturing nature's transient beauty
Peonies and Black Tulips with Rose in Figural Creamware Vase Jar with Deer
20x16 inches / oil on canvas

 A fun little anecdote about this painting...when my client opened the box she screamed at the bee that was on it and tried repeatedly to brush it off…only to realize it WAS the painting!!  I love adding bees and butterflies to remind us that without them we'd have no blossoms. 
These "Queen of the Night" tulips with their beautiful sheen, provide an interesting interplay of contrasts against the white peonies, creamware vase and linen cloth, as they almost recede into the background where they play a supporting role. Completing the classical flow of the composition is a thorny rose. Two honeybees, wings glistening and hind legs full of orange pollen, are the finishing touches to this Spring arrangement.

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Casual Elegance - Capturing Nature's Transient Beauty - COMMISSIONS WELCOME

After dabbling in a vast array of subjects, I've finally decided to focus my new still life oil paintings predominantly on flowers which are my absolute favorite along with everything that can accompany them such as crystal, lace, glass jars, silverware, teapots and teacups contrasting with rustic, textural elements of painted wood, moss and nests. In other words, all my favorite things of beauty. As I state on my website homepage, "It's all about beauty in nature and antiques."

I was published in Visual Language Magazine

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