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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE


On the rare occasion that a painting doesn't sell quickly, I may contemplate re-working it as is the case with the painting shown here.  I'm finishing up a few commissioned pet portraits then will get back to this as well as some long awaited new work.

strawberries with vines in white bowl oil painting 8x10 in.

 Strawberries and Runner Vines in White Lotus Bowl in Bright Sunshine on Wood Table
8x10 inches oil on canvas

BIG Nest with Oak Leaves, Eggs, Moss and Feathers

capturing nature's transient beauty 
Nest with Oak Leaves, Eggs, Moss and Feathers
20x20 oil on canvas

In progress available APPLE BASKET AT BASE OF TREE 14x18 in. horizontal format

Detail of Overturned Apple Basket at Base of Tree
14x18 in. / oil on canvas
This is a detail in progress but the entire painting will have a tree and long grass in the background and is a horizontal format.  If interested in purchasing email 


Country Bucket of Autumn Gold Apples
20x16 inches oil on canvas panel

Capturing the essence of Autumn in the country, this earthy, muted painting of a rustic setting with cracked stucco walls, farmhouse pine table, and juicy samplings from this bucket of “gold” recalls many crisp, clear days while we snapped apples off the trees in a hurry to fill our baskets and buckets. Thoughts of anticipation for the fragrance of warm apple pies wafting through the air brings a sense of familiar comfort.

peonies oil painting classical blue and white porcelain baby robin bird figurine 20x16 in.

 Peonies in Double Happiness Jar, Leather Bound Books and Journal. Lefton Baby Robin Figurine
20x16 inches / oil on canvas 

PANSIES in a BASKET Old World Classical Oil Painting 16x20 inches

  Dew Kissed Pansies in a Basket
16x20 inches / oil on canvas
Pansies are the most delightful little blossoms typically known for their "smiling faces".  I recall visiting our local farms in NJ as a child where I'd repeatedly presented my mother with clusters of colorful blossoms, begging her to choose my favorites...only to be rejected with the same response every time, "No, they don't have smiling faces in them!"  Then when my mother found just the perfect flat of smiling faces, I understood exactly what she meant.  ;o)

Nosegay of Roses and Hyacinths on Jane Austen Novel oil painting Little Gems Series

 capturing nature's transient beauty
Nosegay of Roses and Hyacinths on Jane Austen Novel
8x10 inches / oil on canvas
This romantic nosegay rests upon an antique book "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.  The soft pink English Roses, purple Hyacinths and Forget-me-nots are tied with a frayed, lavender satin ribbon.

Arranging Peonies and Delphiniums in Antique Silver Vase on Embroidered Tablecloth with Vintage Brass Scissors 24x12 inches still life oil painting Realism

capturing nature's transient beauty 
Arranging Peonies and Delphiniums in Antique Silver Vase
on Embroidered Tablecloth with Vintage Brass Scissors
24x12 inches / oil on canvas


in progress oil painting peonies larkspur delphiniums

All that remains is refining one peony and the larkspurs, each of which are quite time consuming and intricate. 
"Arranging Freshly Cut Peonies and Larkspur in Antique Silver Vase"
24x12 in. oil on canvas

1920 - 1930 vintage Spalding baseball red and blue laces custom oil painting 5x5 in.

1920-1930 Vintage Spalding Baseball with Red and Blue Laces
5x5 inches oil on panel
This was a commission based on a composition similar to the baseball painting I'd done for the MLB as Bud Selig's retirement gift. 

Take sustenance but not more than you need for within our hands lies the future.

 Preview of two page spread excerpted from one of my books in progress.
"Take nourishment from the fruits of the Earth but do not take more than you need, for greed is a dangerous thing.  Rather, value the gifts from Earth's bounty and honor her with a nurturing hand; work her soils with tenderness and keep her air and water pure so that we may continue to reap these vast and perfect rewards.  We must be responsible stewards of all God's creatures, and remember that this delicate balance within which we exist, once disrupted, can immensely impact the fragility of all life.  So take sustenance...but not more than you need...for within our hands lies the future."

in progress 12x12 panel peonies

capturing nature's transient beauty 
This is one of many paintings in the rotation on/off my easel as glazes dry.  However, the next floral painting I'm planning to complete (after one more pet portrait to finish) is for my Mother and will be 24x30 in. featuring pink and white peonies in this same crystal tumbler etched with bunnies.  In progress pics will be popping up here in about 2 weeks so keep watching.
P.S.  Quick update to advise that I've sprained my painting hand so have been away from my easel for awhile but hope to be back soon at least on a gradual basis.  For clients with pending commissions, thank you for your loyalty and patience.  It's a scary thing to imagine one's gift being taken away even for a relatively brief time...makes me wonder if I'm worthy...let's hope this year I prove to be with greater effort toward significantly improved work.
2/7 UPDATE:  Not totally healed yet but plan to try painting tomorrow!  First up will be portrait of Wrigley then Mrs. Wren with Sweetpeas.  Thank you for your patience during this past month while my painting hand has been healing!

Custom Oil Painting Large Lifesized Portrait of a Gentleman Laurence Murray Codori 24x18 inches

 The Enduring Grace of Fine Portraiture
Custom Oil Portrait of Laurence Murray Codori
24x18 inches oil on canvas
 click here to view this chapter on my website

Ahhh...the peaceful quietude of January in snowy Michigan.

My favorite time of year...a fresh beginnings! 
With that sentiment I am hopeful to shed the old and begin anew by clearing out my studio, storing many incomplete classical paintings and Little Gems in the back of my closet, and turn my attention to my long awaited new direction consisting of larger, fresher floral paintings!  The first on my easel in this peaceful quietude of January will be a large 24x30 of pink and white peonies in a crystal tumbler on lace especially for my Mother.  Keep checking back as I'll post sneak peeks here periodically. 
Happy New Year and May All Your Dreams Come True!
 "Blessed are those who see beauty in humble places where others see nothing." - Anonymous

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I was published in Visual Language Magazine


Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.

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