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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

large, classical still life, fruit and wine, silver shell, cherries, strawberries on vintage moon & stars glass cakestand, wine decanter, velvet, tassels, pewter, peaches

"Classical Still Life of Fruit and Wine with Silver Shell"
18x24 inches / oil on canvas

Email for more photos -- some are looking a little too red and some with glare
Oh, I am the worst photographer! No patience. Always a glare and shows too much red here. Nevertheless, it shows fairly well for you to get the idea.  This is one of my last truly classical paintings for some time, although I have a closet full of large classical pieces in progress.  Seems that I've been (deliberately) headed in a new direction these past three years and have abandoned the larger classical works for a while.  I suspect one day I'll revisit them as they are really beautiful florals, but I want to make them quite spectacular with an emphasis on fluidity and openness of composition.  Therefore, I'll need to go through my new phase in order to revisit them in the future.  Hope you enjoy this particular classical painting until then.  Of course if you wish to commission a classical still life painting I'll be happy to oblige. Just email me for a quote at
  If you're interested in more photos I'll work a bit harder at getting an accurate representation of color as these latest pics appear a bit reddish.  

Painting is oil on stretched canvas and is varnished for protection.
Layaway offered on this particular painting.


sanchitha vishwanath said...

Beautiful classic work!! Great still life.


Thank you SO much, Sanchitha! The classical style will always be a personal favorite as it comes so easily to me. However, I've been working hard at moving into the contemporary realist style these past three years since selling online, so I'm putting all my classical pieces in storage for the moment, but as this one is already completed, I thought I'd offer it here. Thank you for your lovely comments! Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. A masterpiece, Jeanne.


Thank you SO much, Helene! It's been a while since I created a large painting, and coming across this one in my closet which I'd done for a competition some time ago reminded me how much freedom there is in a larger canvas. I think I'll be doing some moderate to large sized paintings again and put some of my "Little Gems" on hold. There's something really powerful about a large, elaborate painting with the subject lifesize. Thank you for your delightful comments as they are much appreciated! Jeanne

Jonathan said...

Love this painting Jeanne!


Thank you SO much, Jonathan! The classical paintings will always hold a special place in my heart, yet I adore contemporary realism as well. Seems I'm always balancing between them trying to decide in what direction I wish to go.... Thank you for your lovely compliments! Jeanne

Dusty Pines said...

this is really something - your work always reminds me of Rachel Ruysch's paintings . . . depth & movement & color & complexity - the "biggest" still life i've done had about four things in it! much enjoying your 'new direction,' too, btw! thank you for sharing your work!


Thank you SO much, Dusty! What a lovely compliment that my work recalls Rachel Ruysch's masterpieces. This painting has what I refer to generally as that "old world" appearance which reveals my study of the Dutch masters, French painters and some Italian and Mexican painters from the 15th & 16th centuries as well. Their work will always remain unsurpassed in my mind, although I adore the current trends in realism. I've vacillated between lingering in the classical style versus moving ahead. As I've chosen (for the moment) to put a slightly new spin on my work, I'm ever so grateful that you've commented on my new direction. Sincere thanks for your lovely remarks! Jeanne

Mary Liz said...

This is beautiful - I love it!


Thank you SO much, Mary Liz! It's so refreshing to know that people still appreciate classical painting. For some years now I've been thinking that I was old fashioned with my subject selections, afterall I studied the Dutch masters, but I'm happy to learn that there is still a market for these paintings! Personally, I still feel a sense of comfort and ease when painting these classical works. Your comments are truly appreciated. Jeanne

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