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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

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Faberge Easter Egg
4x4 inches oil on panel
If you would like an original oil painting of this or any other Faberge egg, please email me at
Exquisitely detialed with seed perals and diamonds, the original Faberge Easter egg was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II in 1898 for his beloved wife Tsarina Alexandra.  This sparticular egg was her favorite as it held images of Tsar Nicholas II, Grand Dutchess Olga and Grand Dutchess Tatiana.  It became a hallmark of beauty and technical expertise by the world renowned artisal Carl Faberge, whose work remains unsurpassed to this day.




Melody Lea Lamb said...

Beautiful Jeanne! Happy Easter.


Thank you so much, Mel, and Happy Easter to you, too! Thought I'd feature an older painting here which depicts the most famous of all Faberge's eggs designed for his beloved wife for Easter. I'll paint another version which shows the egg open at the top to reveal their three images. Jeanne

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