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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

work in progress outside the box crayons

...and here's the final painting. Signed in front crayon

(First sitting 5 hrs.)
Outside the Box
5x5 inches / oil on panel
SOLD - final image forthcoming

Today is the Daily Painters theme entitled "Outside the Box" which is supposed to be interpreted as painting something outside one's routine. So, I have not only fulfilled that (albeit a still life) with a much more contemporary subject which is also more vibrant than usual for me, but have also suited my own fancy by painting a delightfully colorful box of crayons with a pretty carnation pink one standing outside the box. It's hard to imagine, but at age 51 I finally got my very first BIG BOX of 64 Crayons!!! Can you believe it? Well, as long as my days are in my studio (12 - 16 hrs.) I still have too little time to get everything done! I was only able to dedicate about 5 hours to this little painting, but hope to get it completed and listed on ebay in the next couple of weeks, as time permits.


Naquaiya said...

Jeanne, this is such a cool painting and so clever too. I'm happy for you that you graduated to a box of 64 crayola crayons, lol.


Thank you so much, Naquaiya! When I recently purchased this 50th Anniversary box, I couldn't wait to get home to pop it open and take a whiff! Wow, did that transport me back! Seems funny, though, now that I finally have my looonngg awaited Big 64 Box, I don't know what else to do with them! :o) Jeanne

Naquaiya said...

Jeanne you already did it!


Oh, thank you, Naquaiya!!! I'll post the completed painting as time permits. This was my first sitting. What a fun subject -- I'll have to paint more! Thanks again, Naquaiya!! Jeanne

stonycreek said...

Jeanne, I am excited about having this painting to look at for hopefully many years to come. I have a passion for art myself and am just starting with oils...for years I did pet portraits using graphite. This painting is kind of a transition for me. As a child I would spend endless hours in the backyard with my coloring book and crayons (My mother would have to pry me in at dusk). Sketching with graphite has been wonderful but I realized I NEED that color in my life, and can not wait to start. I am nervous about the transition but excited at the same time. Kind of like a child taking their first come the crayons again sort of. So on that note I can not wait to find a frame that will do your painting justice so I can hang it in the home I am getting ready to move to. The beautiful and bountiful colors will motivate me I am sure. Thanks again for a wonderful painting. you offer any how to video paintings with your instruction? Regards Susan


Thank you SO much, Susan! I'm thrilled that my little box of crayons will inject a little color into your life as you pursue your newest artistc venture! Changing your medium not only from black & white to color, but from graphite to painting with a brush, will likely take a little perseverence as you become accustomed to your new form of expression. However, you will soon get the hang of it and find it's much like receiving a few new letters in the alphabet, or like broadening one's vocabulary to enhance communication. How apropos that my crayons, "Outside the Box" will serve as symbolic inspiration for you! Thank you again for your purchase and best wishes! Jeanne


While I don't currently offer a video tutorial, as popular demand keeps pressing, I may be offering it in the near future. Thanks again and happy painting! Jeanne

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