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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

I've been "tagged" three times!!!

I've been "tagged" by fellow artists Connie Tom, Laurie Justus Pace and Eric Francis. The way I understand it, I am to list a few things about myself then tag five more artists. It seems like a means for becoming better acquainted not only with one another, but with you as well. So here goes, five tidbits of info.

  1. Originally I studied to be a ballerina and only recently discarded my worn out toe shoes; actually, I should've kept them for an interesting still life painting.

  2. Always wanting to play the harpsichord, I had to settle for the piano and later the flute. It is my hope to get back to flute and learn violin, if I ever get any spare time away from my easel.

  3. As Leonardo DaVinci was able to do, I can write with both hands simultaneously backwards and upside down creating double mirror images of my writings. Perhaps this visualization helps my painting? I know some composers use this process while writing music.

  4. In college I pursued a Bachelor of Science major, finding math, chemistry and physics particularly interesting as elements and equations could be interpreted visually. There is a mathematical equation for visual beauty, although I can only admit to painting instinctively in the hopes of achieving that objective.

  5. Protection of the environment, particularly flora and fauna, and animal rights are paramount with me, as should be with all of us. Organic foods and gardening practices are a small start, as well as contributing to organizations that endeavor to protect Earth's precious gifts. (Please see links on lefthand side of this blog.)
The first five artists I will "tag" are: Diana Moses Botkin, Gerald Schwartz, Jacqui Faye Michel, Debra Sisson, Don Gray The second five artists I will "tag" are: Robin Weiss, Carol Marine, Debbie Lincoln, Robin Cheers, Thaw Malin III The third five artists I will "tag" are:


indiaartist said...

These are very interesting facts about you. I have bookmarked your blog and enjoy seeing your pictures. Thanks and Happy New Year to you.


Thank you, you are so very kind to comment! One never knows how one will be perceived, so it's always awkward to be so revealing and make one's self too vulnerable. However, I'm comforted by your nice comments! Happy New Year to you and happy painting!!

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