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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

old world large classical fruit still life silver shell moon and stars pedestal cake stand fringed green velvet tassels crystal wine decanter capturing nature's transient beauty oil painting

"Classical Still Life of Fruit and Wine with Silver Shell"
18x24 inches / oil on canvas
 Email for more photos -- some are looking a little too red and some with glare
Oh, I am the worst photographer! No patience. Always a glare and shows too much red here. Nevertheless, it shows fairly well for you to get the idea.  This is one of my last truly classical paintings for some time, although I have a closet full of large classical pieces in progress.  Seems that I've been (deliberately) headed in a new direction these past three years and have abandoned the larger classical works for a while.  I suspect one day I'll revisit them as they are really beautiful florals, but I want to make them quite spectacular with an emphasis on fluidity and openness of composition.  Therefore, I'll need to go through my new phase in order to revisit them in the future.  Hope you enjoy this particular classical painting until then.  Of course if you wish to commission a classical still life painting I'll be happy to oblige.   If you're interested in more photos I'll work a bit harder at getting an accurate representation for you.

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