Sneak Peek...something totally new for me! Showing small detail of newest floral oil painting.

24x24 inches / oil on canvas
Here's a tiny sneak peek showing a small detail of my latest floral still life oil painting.  I rushed to complete it for submission to ASTA (American Society of Traditional Artists) a prestigious new group of truly spectacular realist masters.  The founder and famed Ed Copley had seen my work online and invited me to apply.   Happily, I've been accepted and this painting is one of many featured on their website under new members.  I'll write more later, but since I'm backlogged with commission orders, I've been working overtime at my easel doing both still lifes and pet portraits so clerical work has been on the back burner.  I'll be sharing more new work with you as I prepare for ASTA's upcoming National Museum Exhibit.  Also as a little aside, I'd been invited along with several other Daily Painters, by Diana Botkin to contribute toward her recent article in "Artists" magazine.  I'll post more on that, too along with links to everything!  Cheers!


Mary said...

Wonderful! Your work is so inspiring!

michele said...

What catches my eye about your work is the vibrant colors.


Thank you SO much, Mary and Michele! My work has always been quite vibrant which is why this particular painting (which can be seen in entirety on the ASTA site) is such an exciting change for me. I think it began somewhere around the time I was beginning pet portraits and had a lot of orders for white I'd wanted to bring my still lifes out of the style of the 17th & 18th centuries. Much lighter, fresher works to come! :o)

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Casual Elegance - Capturing Nature's Transient Beauty - COMMISSIONS WELCOME

After dabbling in a vast array of subjects, I've finally decided to focus my new still life oil paintings predominantly on flowers which are my absolute favorite along with everything that can accompany them such as crystal, lace, glass jars, silverware, teapots and teacups contrasting with rustic, textural elements of painted wood, moss and nests. In other words, all my favorite things of beauty. As I state on my website homepage, "It's all about beauty in nature and antiques."

I was published in Visual Language Magazine

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