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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

Robin's Nest with blue eggs & leaves, Jeanne Illenye BIG NEST Still Life Oil Painting, Realism

Robin's Nest
24x24 inches / oil on canvas
My Second Big Nest
I thought it was especially delightful when recently contacted by a new client named Robin who has four children and wanted to commission a nest painting!  Perfect!
If you wish to commission your own special nest painting ANY SIZE just email me at


Katherine Thomas said...

Your work is so striking and original. I love to see each new piece. How much do you typically charge for a painting that is not commissioned ahead of time? Just one that you have for sale in your gallery?


Thank you SO much, Katherine! I adore nests in particular, so painting them larger than life was great fun! Of course clients' budgets determine the amount of detail I include but pricing varies tremendously. Little Gems (up to 12 inches) sell for hundreds; Larger paintings (up to 36 inches) sell for thousands. That's not to say that a large painting of a simple composition (like a nest) will be the contrary. For commissions, I always try to work within my clients' budgets and I also offer Layaway. To view available paintings I have a link on the top left column which sorts my blog by subject and availability. Thanks! Jeanne

Caroline Bray Art said...

These nests are just stunning, Jeanne. There's something very warm, cosy and safe about them. I really hope to see more :)


Thank you SO much, Caroline! That's a very good point! I think nests are symbolic of warmth, protection and innocence. Aside from nests' inriguing charms, perhaps the popularity of my nest paintings is in part that they offer a sense of reassurance and hope in a world of turmoil and uncertainty. Thank you for sharing your insights! Jeanne

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