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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

Beribboned Basket of Roses & Lilies 20x20 inches / oil on canvas

Beribboned Basket of Roses & Lilies
20x20 inches / oil on canvas
Inspired from a commissioned painting I'd done a few years ago, I'd always wanted to re-do it in a square format to increase that fabulous visual tension which comes from tight cropping.  The romantic theme is always so appealing. This painting is available for purchase directly.  Kindly email inquiries at


suzanneberry said...

Jeanne, this is simply stunning! Bravo.


Thank you SO much, Suz! My first version of this was 24x36 at my client's request, but I'd wanted to do a 24x30. Then I got the idea to implement my favorite format, a square, and recreated it in this painting which is a little more pleasing to me personally...only thing, I should've shown more of the little stork version. Thanks again for your lovely comments! Jeanne

Bonnie Heather said...

Amazing painting! I love the square.


Thank you SO much, Bonnie! Perhaps since the square is normally associated with contemporary work and this is more of a classical piece, maybe that's part of the fun -- it's a bit unexpected! Thank you for your lovely comments! Jeanne

Carol J. Forrest said...

What a sumptuous painting! This particular piece (as well as others you've done) reminds me of a statement I once heard about Andrew Wyeth's work that his landscapes often had the quality of portraits. The composition of this one, with the ribbon at the bottom of the basket and the slightly open drawer with a piece of paper sticking out gives one the impression of one of those moody, romantic stories about some fascinating woman with many secrets to tell. Lovely and sophisticated! Kudos, Jeanne!


Thank you SO much, Carol! How wonderful that you felt the same romantic mood that I'd had in mind while designing this composition. The open drawer revealing treasured letters, accompanied by the entwined ribbon through the basket of blooms hinted that love was in the air! My larger florals have often been referred to as romantic and even reminiscent of the Victorian style. Thank you for your flattering comment relating the atmosphere of my work to that of Andrew Wyeth's landscapes which share an intimacy of portraiture. But then again, I think that the basis of creating art is not only to present a nice image, but to impart within the subtleties, one's deeper self into each painting. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Jeanne

Francine Michaud said...

Dear Jeanne,

Thanks so much for sharing your BEAUTIFUL artwork with us.

You are quite TALENTED!


Thank you SO much, Francine! Nature's overwhelming beauty and diversity are what inspire me to paint! So much beauty abounds in our daily lives that I hope my work encourages folks to appreciate these earthly gifts. Thank you for your lovely comments! Jeanne

Helen Read said...

I love the format on this as well!

Katherine Thomas said...

I can safely say that I have never scene artwork so exquisitely detailed before in my life! I just love this! How long did it take to complete? (I'm imagining it would have taken me about three years...)


Thank you SO much, Helen! Seems like everyone agrees that reinterpreting this painting in the square format really energized the subjects! Thank you for your lovely comments. Jeanne


Thank you SO much, Katherine! The original was larger at 24x36 inches so took well over a month, if I recall. This one however, took less time as the entire composition was already designed, colors and shadows already played out, so all I had to do really was repaint it. Gee...I made it sound so simple, but it still took a few weeks. Thank you for your lovely comments. Jeanne

Carole in the UK said...

Jeanne, First of all what a joy it has been to enter your wonderful world of still life paintings.

I love visiting Art Galleries, but have not been able to do so for sometime. I have spent some considerable time on your site this evening and will most certainly be visiting you again, often. I have just sent a link to your site, to my sister who lives in Florida.

Lillies are my very favourite flowers. I received two huge bunchies of white and pink lillies for my birthday, which I have combined in a vase and they are displayed here in my study. As I look at your painting, which is so life like, the beautiful smell of my lillies permeate the air. Quite delightful.

The roses in your painting are absolutely wonderful. Are they one of the old fashioned roses. What variety is it, please?

God Bless, Carole


Thank you SO much, Carole! How delightful that you are sitting in the midst of sweet fragrance from your white and pink lilies! I'm jealous as we won't have them here again until next Summer! There is indeed something spectacular about their fragrance as well as their graceful stems and perky blossoms. The roses featured in my painting are reminiscent of old fashioned varieties which I adore, although I don't have a name for these. I'm delighted to have met you here and hope your sister stops by, too! Thank you for your lovely comments! Jeanne

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