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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

trio of cherries on rustic wood block contemporary realism in oils still life painting

Trio of Cherries on Wood Block
7x5 inches / oil on canvas panel
I decided that I needed to pull away from commissions and do a quickie for ebay.  This was particularly fact, it surprised me that I was done, start to finish, in little more than an hour!   Just goes to show that familiarity with one's subject helps accelerate the process, plus working on canvas moves much faster after working on smooth panels for so long.  One thing I noticed during the process of this painting was that I lingered yet again on the wood knot and graining with some delight and almost felt like the cherries were an excuse to paint the I needed to put something ON it.  Perhaps I'll be daring someday and just paint wood....


Caroline Bray Art said...

Love the knot in the wood - it's beautifully rendered. Great stuff!


Thank you SO much, Caroline! I approached this painting with a slightly different state of mind as I noticed while painting, that I actually enjoyed creating the knot and graining in the wood block more than painting the main subject of cherries! Perhaps I'll dare to just paint wood one day as for me, the cherries were simply an excuse to get into that knot! :o) Jeanne

suzanneberry said...

Jeanne this is perfect! I love the smooth surface of the cherries against the wood, so well done!


Thank you SO much, Suz! Seems I paint a lot of cherries, but usually with an intricate Spode plate or teacup. Here it was refreshing to do something a little more contemporary in terms of composition. Thanks so much! Jeanne

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