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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

"The Lost Ribbon" Robin's Nest with blue egg, pink apple blossoms, blue satin ribbon, Jeanne Illenye Little Gems Still Life Oil Painting, Realism

"The Lost Ribbon"
8x8 inches / oil on canvas panel
This month's theme:  Spring
Typically, my paintings don't actually tell a story, but this one does with the blue satin ribbon entwined within this delicately woven Robin's nest tucked amidst pink apple blossoms.  This painting was inspired by a few birds here who found a ribbon . . . lost it and then found it again. Over the past few years I've watched it fluttering in the garden, then hanging from a birdhouse, and now I see it in a hanging basket where it is tucked into yet another nest!  Rest assured, nests are never removed from their sites; rather, I photograph them and create a composition in my studio.


Mary Liz said...

Nice work - I can't fully explain what I feel when I look at this.


Thank you so much, Mary Liz! This painting was inspired by a few birds here which have used a lavendar ribbon in their nests throughout the years. I'd first seen the ribbon fluttering around the garden, then hanging out of a birdhouse, and now I see it in a hanging basket where it is tucked into yet another nest! Jeanne

Karla Nolan said...

A lovely story. We had house finches put a nest right by the back porch light but sadly the egg was either grabbed by another bird or somehow fell out of the nest -- soft blue, broken on concrete. I came close to crying. The birds are brave little souls, so delicate! I love this painting, Jeanne! You are an absolute genius in my book. I truly mean it!


Thank you SO much, Karla, for your lovely comments! I totally understand being near tears after having watched the process of nest building and then finally the first egg, only to have it raided by a predator! Rest assured that your little bird family no doubt moved elsewhere to raise another brood. Our House Finches can raise 3 or 4 broods each season! Birds are charming little creatures without whom we'd likely not even exist as they are such a critical link in the chain of life. Jeanne

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