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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

Puzzlement . . . Soliciting a little critique from you!

Strawberries on Spode
4x4 inches / oil on panel
Puzzlement . . . Soliciting a little critique from you!
Like many artists, occasionally I'll put a painting out there for sale and it just sits . . . so I'll re-evaluate and possibly rework the painting but it may sit again . . . and I ponder why. Therefore, I'm asking if you'd kindly provide me with a little feedback on this one and let me know why it hasn't yet sold. I've painted numerous similar subjects in 6x6 for twice the price and they've sold like hotcakes. While my fellow artists have said this Little Gem should be priced at $250, I have it at $125. Would love to hear from you with a little guidance and suggestion. Sometimes artists don't quite see straight when it comes to our own work, and sometimes the painting is just simply waiting for the right buyer!

Your thoughts??


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Jeanne,
I really love your oils . the discipline in painting with only 3 colors, and your compositions artistry. I believe this particular one is not balanced properly. Your eye wont to see the other 2 strawberries , but there is nothing to see and feel cheated! The inside rim of the dish is very angular,the edge of the main strawberry could be softer. Ah! How easy to critique, and how difficult to paint for me! You are one of my favorite artist, I beg you pardon; and if my critique gives you new ideas I'll be honored!


Thank you Mariano, for taking the time to contemplate my painting and provide me with your comments! I am currently studying and comparing this one to my past paintings of similar subjects (many of which I'd forgotten are 4x4 as well as 6x6) and am considering your critique as well to see how to improve this Little Gem and help it find a home! I'm now wondering if I'd made it a tad bit too harsh overall, i.e., contrasts, deep blue, not running the pattern inside the plate, leaves could be more green, change the artist can go on and on in this direction. It recalls a quotation by Michaelangelo, "Trifles make perfection, but perfection itself is no trifle." Hopefully, I'll continue to hear some more comments and will likely rework the painting and post here in the future. Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeanne - from Austria.

In your strawberry oil I felt that the blue of the plate is too much and green on the leaves is missing.
Green and red would balance better than the dominant blue and red.
I feel that pattern on the plate and the "pattern" on the strawberries is also too much.
I do like your work - otherwise I would not follow you, now and then.

Happy Holidays
Elsa Moosbrugger Jacob

Sue Lepsch said...

I love to critique but please know I am a real amateur. My first impression was that the stems look dead - "old strawberries - unappealing". Also, the strawberries don't look three dimensional - they look flat. So, I can't offer how to fix anything, or what to change - but that is what I see. I like the composition and I love seeing your work.


Thank you Elsa, for your comments. I was not really crazy about the pattern on the plate and think I'll change it, particularly after reviewing many of my previous paintings of this subject and noticing that I'd used another plate. The red, white and blue combo may be too potent, which I can diffuse somewhat. Upon reflection, I'd realized that my previous paintings all showed more berries which Mariano had mentioned. You've both really helped me rethink this one...thank you for your candor and I welcome further comments! Jeanne

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Jeanne, I think it's great just the way it is, don't change a thing. Oh, yes maybe the asking price, go for the $250. for this little masterpiece.


Oh, thank you so much, Joan! What a wonderful vote of confidence in my work; I truly appreciate it! When a painting doesn't sell it makes one feel a little insecure and introspective about the piece, so I thought I'd offer this up for critique. I'm so grateful for your suggestion, as I've been told the same thing by some other fellow artists. Thank you, Jeanne


Thank you, Sue, I somehow missed your comment earlier. Although I love signs of age in my work, i.e., yellowing torn leaves, etc., here I admit their golden tone isn't actually helping the piece. I will consider your other comments about the berries as well. I appreciate your candor and for taking the time to comment! Jeanne

Nance Danforth Oil Paintings said...

Jeanne, your art is delightful! It is just that the market is slow right now. Recently, I have had to give myself many pep talks to keep painting without the sales of a year ago. Keep painting from your heart, as you always do, and you will just have more inventory to sell when the economy turns! Nance


Thank you SO much for your vote of confidence, Nance! I guess I'd been spoiled by a consistent demand for my work for my first two years selling online. I could hardly keep up the pace working all day and into the wee hours of the night with my ebay Power Seller status and commissions. Now when I have a small inventory of a dozen Little Gems it causes me to become introspective. You are so right about painting from the heart, though, and I'll just keep doing exactly that! Your work is also exquisite and I will heed your sage advice. Many thanks, Jeanne

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