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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

oranges in wedgewood blue bowl, oriental rug

16x20 inches / oil on canvas
This is a rich, serene painting with a strong presence, partially due to the fact that the subjects are lifesized and the fruit is aged and natural in color rather than being overly "orange".


Mark Adams said...

This is beautiful, Jeanne. I love the oriental rug. Wow!


Thank you so much, Mark! The Oriental rug with it's frayed fringe offered a richness and sense of age which I always find delightful. Just wish I could color correct the image here to reveal the delicious taupe background which cools the overall warmth of the painting. Thanks for your comments! Jeanne

Sheila Vaughan said...

Yes those oranges are a wonderful deep colour Jeanne. I feel that if I were to touch them the skins would be slightly soft also - as they get when the fruit is more mature. A beautiful painting.


Thank you so much, Sheila! These oranges were indeed as you said, tender to the touch...a sign of age and transience in nature...and a trademark characteristic of my work. Thank you so much for your lovely and insightful comments! Jeanne

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