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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

Self Portrait Oil Painting: A Work in Progress

Self Portrait (Work in Progress)
6x6 inches / oil on panel

Today we're all posting painted self portraits, and although this one isn't yet completed, I've run out of time and must post what I have done with only five hours dedicated to this work, which normally isn't even a full "first sitting" at the easel. With so little time to dedicate toward this effort, I was fortunate to have a current photograph just taken on my birthday at Christmastime. (I've passed the half century mark...yikes!) Upon reflection, I was surprised to admit that it's been 34 years since I last painted a self portrait as an admissions requirement to art school. Here I've opted to utilize a purely tonal palette to enhance the graphic quality of the composition. This is such an enjoyable way for us to all get acquainted with new DP members and patrons and to see many familiar faces! Looking forward to viewing everyone's interpretations! :o)


Sheila Vaughan said...

I really like this strong portrait Jeanne and its a good example of how you can still "touch" the character of something you know well (our own faces!) even from a photograph. I love the tonalist approach. Hope you show us the progression.

m collier said...

I totally agree with Sheila -- very STRONG portrait. Well done.


Oh, thank you, Sheila and M. It's always so interesting to see how people interpret themselves and what sense of "character" predominates. I am particularly flattered that you both chose the word "strong" as that is exactly how I feel on the inside. I can see how portraiture, particularly self portraits, are so intriguing. Thank you both for your kind remarks! Jeanne

artbyakiko said...

What a great self portrait! Is this going to progress from here? It is perfect as is.


Thank you so much, Akiko! Yes, I will be posting a completed work (when I get back to it) as I've thus far only invested a very quick five hours into this painting. It needs lots of fine tuning. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Jeanne

Susan Martin Spar said...

Lovely, Jeanne. This theme scared me off, but you've done a great job here for a "work in progress". Love to see it when it's done.


Thank you, Susan! The portrait challenge did as you say, scare off quite a bit of artists, unfortunately. However, I did welcome the opportunity but had so little time to put toward it that all I've applied is 5 hrs. of effort thus far. I have this incomplete painting in a pile with others waiting their turn back on my easel, but will post it upon completion. Thanks again! Jeanne

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