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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

Rich milk chocolate cherry cordials, cherries, candy

4x4 inches / oil on panel
Rich, smooth milk chocolate cracks as you take a bite, carefully capturing every last drop of the oozing cordial filling . . . .


Carol Nelson said...

I gained a pound just looking at this painting.


Thank you so much for your comment, Carol. If you gained a pound just looking at these, imagine how much I've gained painting my Chocolate Series!! (Plus I do have to sample my subjects, you know....) Jeanne

Katie May said...

I love this one! Just about my favorits candies!


Thank you, Katie May! I agree, this is one of my favorites, too! There's just something extra special about that liquidy surprise inside! I've tried to capture that anticipation here in this Little Gem from my Chocolate Series. Thanks again for your comment! Jeanne

Rayel Brigham said...

Inspired by Jeanne Illenye
Written by Rayel Brigham

Rich Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials, Cherry, Candy (Poem)

Oh how I would cherish those chocolate cherry cordials, if they were present in my hand.
First I would gaze at them.
Study them, like a prostrate child staring at spectacular nimbus clouds.
My experience would not cease here.

As I transform into the candy’s pupil, I am tutored in their field.
How can one portray the excellence of this moment?
The bombardment of my senses, my system overloads.
My corneas expand; their milk chocolate shell matches a mature sycamore.

This whimsical adventure persists.
Slowly, as to build eagerness, I command my hand to draw close to my nose.
My mouth moistens at the anticipation of the scent.
My nose signals my brain: sweet, comforting, fruity.

Hastily, I think of possible ways to prolong this enjoyment.
The warmth of my hand has started to degrade these nuggets of gold.
Or are they so aware of their impact that they are just sharing their wealth?
When they are gone their mark of guilty pleasure will be left on my skin, melted chocolate.

Forgetting about the goal of extended duration, I place one morsel in my mouth.
Pure ecstasy: sugary, creamy, milky, then a plump juicy cherry explodes, additional flavor.
“Ma’am, excuse me, ma’am? The tour will now progress to other exhibits”
Oh how lost one can become in a great piece of art work!


Oh, Rayel, that's simply wonderful -- I particularly loved the last few lines! Artwork communicates on an emotional level so I'm flattered that my painting could move you to write such a charming poem. So glad that my little painting could perpetuate the creative process through you! Thank you for your inspired poetry! Jeanne

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