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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

large classical oil painting fruit flowers butterflies dewdrops The Gift - Voluptuous Fruit & Floral, Bird's Nest, Bronze Statue

30x20 inches / oil on canvas / copyrights J. Illenye  This is a blurry image but the only one I have of this large, powerful painting.  In reality the pears looked realistic enough to pluck right out of the scene! Wish I had more patience as a photographer.
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The person for whom I created this painting loved the style of the Dutch masters and this statue which held particular significance reminding him of his deceased mother. It was the most stressful painting I ever completed, only for the fact that I was rushing through it painting all day and all night for weeks in the hopes that I would complete it before he passed away from lung cancer. Happily, I completed it in time and he loved it...but unfortunately, we lost Uncle Raymond.


Anonymous said...

This painting touch me before I knew your inspiration.It has encourage me in my work-------Robin


Robin, thank you so much for your lovely compliments. I am so glad that in effect my uncle has been an inspiration not only for me to create this painting, but also for you with your work! I truly appreciate your very touching response. Thank you, Jeanne

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