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"Through my paintings I hope to communicate a personal enthusiasm and respect for the natural world, thus encourage in others an active stewardship of same." -- JEANNE ILLENYE

luminous green grapes blue spode plate still life oil painting realism contemporary art CLUSTER OF SUNLIT GRAPES blue transferware

4x4 inches oil on panel

Derived from one of my larger paintings, this small cluster of grapes provided particular appeal in terms of its illumination. The quiet, muted color scheme and clean composition enhance the luminosity of the grapes, captured in the late afternoon sun through my studio window.


pussreboots said...

So beautiful! You captured the light perfectly.

jeanneillenye said...

Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your lovely comments. Jeanne

k. Madison Moore said...

Another beautiful painting from a fantastic artist.

jeanneillenye said...

Thank you, Madison!! I really appreciate your comments! Jeanne

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I was published in Visual Language Magazine


Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.

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